Zapper FI

Zappèr - Dashboard for DeFì.


Zapper Finance has been one of the primary beneficiaries of the yield farming craze as DeFi investors hunt down high returns throughout the cryptosphere.

Key Takeaways

  • Born out of a hackathon in 2019, Zapper has grown to become a hub of activity for DeFi investors.
  • Not only does it help users track their holdings, it also allows them to quickly react to new insights.
  • Thanks to investment from the ever-present MetaCartel community, Zapper enjoys access to some of the most progressive minds in crypto.

As the level of sophistication in DeFi and crypto rises, so too have initiatives to keep it user-friendly. Aggregators and top design teams are now working to corral all of the disparate pieces of a fast-paced niche. Born out of a hackathon in 2019, Zapper Finance is working in this exact space. 

The platform has caught a second wind with the latest yield farming trend as users hunt down the best yields. As these returns can change daily, Zapper has become an essential tool for many farmers. 

In this week’s installation, we’ll be diving into Zapper Finance. We’ll dig into what it does, how it works, as well as delve into the team behind the project and its thriving community. 

What Is Zapper Finance?

DeFi is tough to navigate without technical knowledge about Ethereum or how the various protocols that make up DeFi work. Zapper Finance helps resolve this by bringing simplicity to investing in liquidity pools while doubling up as a portfolio tracker. 

Similar to Furucombo – the subject of a previous Project Spotlight – Zapper Finance’s goal is to bring the power of DeFi to the less technically inclined. Not everyone has the bandwidth to learn about the nuances of non-custodial finance. Thus, to bring DeFi to a broader audience, tools that abstract complexity are the need of the hour.

The core premise of Zapper Finance is allowing DeFi users to enter and exit a liquidity pool with one click. As a high-growth niche in DeFi, creating easy access to liquidity pools is a must for DeFi to scale and meet the needs of the many.